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Why Social Capital?

Because friends and family loans are...


If you ask friends and family for loans, some will say yes.


If you ask friends and family (and do it well), you will raise a lot.


If you capture the support of your friends and family, you will succeed.

Over $41 Million
in Loans

5% - 8%
Average Interest Rate

Over 1,600
TrustLeaf Users

Campaign in 4 Simple Steps

Create your campaign page

1. Create your campaign page

Show how much you want to raise and by when, and describe your overall goals for the business.

Customize your loans

2. Customize your loans

How long do you need before you can pay it back? What interest rate would you want to offer? Most users create 2 to 3 different options.

Invite and sign online

3. Invite and sign online

Invite your friends and family to view your page and make pledges. Both parties can sign the agreement online and save copies of the contract for their records.

Manage payments and expectations

4. Manage payments and expectations

Keep track of all payments, and update your lenders with the progress of your new business.

Campaign Features and Benefits

Free Loan Documents with Online Signature

Keep Organized with Reminders

Protect Relationships

No Haggle Loan Options

Launching a Campaign is Totally FREE!

What Will My Campaign Look Like?

CAMPAIGN: Patti's Bakery

GOAL: $30,000

OVERVIEW: I sell the best seashells in all of Seaside, Florida, from my cart. I have been getting so busy that several Scottish software salesmen told me to sell my cart and sign a storefront lease. I want to hire my friend Susan for Social Media at $15/hr for 10 hours/week. I already have several Facebook likes, and will have 700 by end of summer.

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